Climatic Spa Wildeshausen

Climatic spa Wildeshausen – oldest town of the Oldenburger land. Wildeshausen, an idyllic and homely small town with approx. 22.000 inhabitants is located in the heart of the natural reserve “Wildeshauser Geest” between Oldenburg and Bremen.

Surrounded by grasslands, forests and wonderful moorland, Wildeshausen is an attractive and recreative holiday destination for all tourists, people who look for calmness as well as for all cyclists and ramblers.

Being an officially recognized climatic spa in the natural reserve “Wildeshauser Geest”, the historic Wittekind town offers the tourists a lot of attractiveness. The tourists will find fascinating landscape on relatively flat loop roads and plenty of long distance trails (Geestweg, Jadeweg, Brueckenradweg) as well as the pilgrimage trail “Road to Santiago”). Charming river valleys, flourishing moorlands, big forests and fields as well as fascinating biotopes along the nature-orientated river “Hunter” give you adventurous and recreative walking-tours.

Impressive witnesses of the prehistory are e. g. “the Pestruper burial ground” on a 32 hectare big moorland southern of the town with 531 barrows as well as the “big stones of Kleinenkneten”, two 5000 years old megalithic graves , of which one was restored. A multiplicity of further megalithic graves you will find in the immediate vicinity of Wildeshausen “square mile of the prehistory”)

The traffic-calming and idyllic town center offers a lot of interesting sightseeing: Surrounded by the medieval town wall, there is the old town-hall (14th century) and the Alexander church (13th century) in the historical center –  the only basilica in the Oldenburger land –  with the 1000 years old chapter house (Remter), a headgear carillon at the new town-hall as well as shopping streets, a water course and a historical band along the old trading route “Vlamsche Strat”, today named Westerstrasse and Hunterstrasse.

From the central located spa gardens “Burgwiese” or from the parking at the sports grounds “Im Krandel”, you reach shortly 7 marked hiking trails into the recreative environment.

Enjoy and discover the nature and history of the “Wildeshauser Geest”.