Fascinating landscapes of special types you will find in the natural reserve “Wildeshauser Geest”:
Speciose mixed forests, alleys, fields crossed with hedge banks and sand dunes. Lush meadowland with small villages and river which are curling through the landscape. Furthermore you have ecological valuable marsh- and moor fields.

The following listed biking tours start at the market place in Wildeshausen and will lead you through a fascinating landscape.

Archaeological tour (to the map)
Geest- and river valley tour (to the map)
Artist- and garden tour (to the map)
Moor tour (to the map)
Mills tour (to the map)
along the river “Hunte” (to the map)

For further information or suggestions of the biking and walking tours or any other questions, please contact our staff under the phone number +49 (4431) 9400 or by email